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Space Grey

7 USB Port MacBook Hub

7-Port USB HUB

Upgrade your Macbook with the MacGeniUSB. 7 Ports for all your accessories to plug into. Level up your productivity. Absolute Genius.


USB Hub Standalone

Stylish design

The MacGeniUSB integrates seamlessly into your MacBook’s existing USB ports. Stylish, functional and portable, your new USB Hub is exactly what you need to boost your output and get your work completed faster!


Ports for everything

We understand what it’s like to have no space to plug in your USB, external HDD, SD Cards, or HDMI Cable. That’s why we designed the MacGeniUSB with ports for all the most important and commonly used add-ons!

1 x HDMI + 2 x USB3.0 + 1 x Thunder 3 + 1 x PD Port + 1 x SD Slot + 1 x TF Slot