7-Port MacBook USB Hub – Silver

(18 customer reviews)


18 reviews for 7-Port MacBook USB Hub – Silver

  1. Justin

    I”m in love with this product , so convenient.

  2. Kim Tae

    The 7-Port MacBook USB Hub is a lifesaver for expanding my Mac’s connectivity

  3. Johny.notwalking

    This USB hub is sleek, functional, and perfectly matches my MacBook’s aesthetics

  4. Rita

    I can’t stop using this hub. Seriously, if you need to expand your MacBook’s capabilities, this is the way to go.

  5. Sammy.Rika

    It’s been a while since I’ve used this hub, and I’m so happy with how reliable it is.

  6. Justin

    This is a great hub for those who have a lot of devices to connect to their computer.

  7. PeterSolo.420

    Just got this hub and it’s awesome! I can now connect all my devices easily, and it matches my MacBook perfectly. Highly recommended!

  8. SvetRuss

    This USB hub is a lifesaver for my MacBook Air. The build quality is excellent. It feels sturdy and well-made.

  9. haru1997

    I received mine last week and It’s so handy. I feel so much more organized when I start using this.

  10. Monica

    This hub is perfect for travel. It’s small enough to fit in my bag without taking much space. As a nomad, I’m in love with this.

  11. Mukiwara

    This USB ports fit really well with all my devices. No loose connections or wires and compare to my previous one, this one is way better

  12. Stan1965

    Using multiple devices at once is way more convenient with this hub.

  13. Yuki.snow

    Perfect for travel. It’s small and fits in my bag.

  14. Patrick

    Product is as promised. Definitely satisfied and recommend

  15. Thomas

    I got this for my silver Macbook Pro to keep my cables more tidy and out of the way. It works perfectly. It hardly takes up any extra desktop space and it helps me to keep the area organized.

  16. Mary

    This is a great product. It has all the ports I need to operate all my accessories.

  17. William Striker

    I was searching for a hub for my Mac to connect up a second screen, and this one works perfectly. It’s worth every cent.

  18. Karen

    As a photographer, this hub helps me connect my camera, SD cards and other accessories. It’s super useful.

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